Shalom Goldman

Shalom Goldman

Professor of Hebrew and Middle Eastern Studies




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Shalom Goldman received a B.S. degree in Hebrew Culture and Education (1977), an M.A. in Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures from Columbia University (1980), and a Ph.D. in Hebrew and Biblical Studies from New York University (1986). He has taught at The New School for Social Research, Brown, Dartmouth, Case Western Reserve, Ohio State, and Tel Aviv Universities. Prof. Goldman joined MESAS in 1997. His teaching and research interests include comparative literature, modern Hebrew language and literature, Biblical themes in Jewish and non-Jewish literature, and the study of Hebrew and the “Hebraic” in Christian and Muslim cultures. His major publications include The Wiles of Women/The Wiles of Men: Joseph and Potiphar’s Wife in Ancient Near Eastern, Jewish, and Islamic Folklore (SUNY Press, 1995), the edited volume Hebrew and the Bible in America: The First Two Centuries (University Press of New England, 1993), and his recent book, God’s Sacred Tongue: Hebrew and the American Imagination (UNC Press, 2004). Prof. Goldman’s current projects include an examination of contemporary Christian Zionism and its cultural products and effects in both American and Israeli societies.